Friday, March 03, 2006

Reading? Who, me?

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth. (That is why I am going to type them.) I am excited about teaching reading to my science students. It has always been intimidating to me to teach reading. I never was good at it. I did not really like it. I, only recently, have found topics that I really get into. However, after hearing the presentation today by Jesse and Michelle, I needed to write this down. The resources that were shared will be very helpful as I try to get my students into the material of the class. I know that not all of the students will be reached, that should be the goal, and I might make mistakes in teaching this but at least I am going to try. It seems that in the past, I was just hoping that the reading would take care of itself. I mean the "good" kids will do the reading, right? Now, I think that I need to be helping the students through the reading process and not just complaining about the fact that they are not doing it.

Boy, oh boy, this group is really having an influence on me. I cannot wait to try some not so new ideas in my classes.


Karl Fisch said...

This is good to hear. I wasn't sure if people would be receptive to this - particularly at this time of year. I think that in addition to the online resources, you shouldn't forget the in-building resources - like Jessie and Michele (or even retired folks that are still around like Diane or Connie). I'm sure Jessie and Michele would be willing to sit down and work with you on a plan and actually help with implementation (and possibly Diane or Connie as well).

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