Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Okay, so I seem to have missed one. - The blogging....

I have blogged with my students once this semester. I am having a difficult time getting my students to see the benefits of blogging and how to talk to each other outside of the classroom. I do not feel like I set up the blogging very well. I hope that next semester will provide the technology to blog everyday. I am in the process of evaluating my goals (again) and seeking new ways of meeting the needs of my students. I am not happy with the way that the goals are going.

Tune in again soon for new goals and old goals revisited.

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Karl Fisch said...

Try to keep in mind that blogging may not be the best solution for your classroom. I think it can be a very powerful force for student engagement, but that doesn't mean it will work in everyone's room or with everyone's style.

Think about what kinds of problems you are trying to solve in your classes (not chemistry problems, but overall problems), then think about what might be good solutions to those problems. If blogging happens to address one (or more) of those problems - great. If not, that's okay too.

I think the other use of blogging with our students that may not be specific to your class is using it as personal reflection on their own learning. We have talked a lot about using it to engage students with particular topics, but I think that possibly a more powerful use of it in the long term will be as personal reflection for the students. That's something many of us are not comfortable with (notice how difficult it has been to get 21c teachers to reflect in their blogs), but it's also something that the research shows really helps people learn. Now we just have to figure out how to convince students (and teachers) that this will make a difference . . .