Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Camera Help

Hey, I just purchased a Canon S3IS digital camera. Is there anyone who might see this post that can help me. I would like to post some pictures to this blog but I am not sure how to decrease the size once the photo is on the computer. I do not want to use too high of a resolution when posting since I am on a dial-up commection. I have Microsoft Picture-It on my home computer but I am not sure what to do.

Any help would be good.


kebin_cone-yah said...


Karl Fisch said...

I'm not sure about Picture It, but you can open it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager and resize and compress it. I can show you on Friday if you'd like.

kebin_cone-yah said...

hey brian -

i was fightin' the filters at school yesterday (w/ the Japan soundtrack rockin) tryin to post a wonderfully articulate & insightful comment in regard to image reduction...all i got through was "testin" - great.

now im at home & will try to post again, but w/o insights since your tech director looks like he'll tutor you in web-friendly pics.

ps. i use photoshop elements 2.0 (cheap ed version) tools.