Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, I did not think that it would happen. I am going to Japan this summer. I tied my application to the blogging process. What I mean by that is I am going to try to:

1) Use the blog as a journal for my experience.
2) Use my class blogs next fall as a way for my students to experience education in Japan.
3) Keep open lines with the people that I meet on this trip through the blog.

I am not sure what the trip really looks like.....

I am not sure what the blog will look like....

I think this is what my students are feeling when I give some of these assignments. I guess that the teacher can be a life-long learner also.

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Karl Fisch said...

I think it's good for all of us to "reverse roles" occasionally. I think it's really easy to forget what it feels like to be the student - and to not be "in charge."

I can't wait to vicariously experience your trip to Japan through the blog! I'm also excited about the possibilities of connecting your students with students in Japan in the fall.

And, oh yeah, a big fat congratulations is in order!