Friday, February 17, 2006


When will we get to this point?


Karl Fisch said...

I think we're already there. There have been lots of stories lately about online tutors from India. They're inexpensive, and available from the time our students get out of school pretty much until the next morning.

Kurt W. said...

Dang, too bad I didn't know about these guys when I was in Pre-AP Chem, eh Mr. Hatak? :-P

This is just another representation of the "Yang" (if you will) to the "Yin" of outsourcing. This is an interesting case however, because this is not motivated (as far as I can tell) by one or more North American companies seeking more profit. This seems like a ploy to bank off the laziness of teenagers (an attribute to which I can attest). It will be an interesting debate that includes this type of outsourcing as opposed to the more common type.