Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Interesting Point

Today in our group discussion, an interesting point was brought up. The fact that history repeats itself. As we know with the fall of the great empires, which found an untimely demise, the United States seems to be falling from the top of societies. I wonder if this is a perceived fall or an actual fall? Are we really falling behind? Is this a method for people to make money? What is the best way to change? Do we need to change? Where are we going? Is there a destination at the end of this path we are walking, in educational change, or is the destination the path itself? Are the things we are trying going to cause a change or are the students going to continue through education the way that they have in the past?


Crosby said...

I think that your "perceived fall versus actual fall" question is a good one - with no answer for the time being. Brad's comment about the way we act while we fall was interesting. I worry that the arrogance we direct out to the world will make our fall worse and will make others enjoy our fall more.

Blogger said...

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