Monday, October 20, 2008

Impact of Podcasting

So, it has been a little while since I posted on this blog. Here is a current update on what I am trying to do...

  1. I am putting together a document that instructs teachers on how to build podcasts and post them online.
  2. I have presented twice to teachers at my school (Arapahoe) on the podcasts and the technology behind them.
  3. I have helped another teacher at AHS start a podcast. (More on this below)
  4. I am looking into having students generate the podcasting material.
  5. I am going to create a chemistry podcast with the next unit for first year chemistry students.
  6. I am looking for "professional" scientists who would be willing to do interviews for my podcasts.

After a lot of discussion with another teacher at AHS, Mr. Jeff Smith, in the science class, we reached some conclusion on why we podcast. As a matter of fact, the greatest argument was for "just in time" learning. The ability of students to access information when they need it and to be able to supplement their learning is what I find most powerful. Enter Jeff. He teaches AP physics, among other classes, and saw a use for the podcasting approach. After talking to him about the idea and and tools, he started posting podcasts on physics. They are listed in iTunes and on a blog. Please check them out and let him know what you think. I know, as a teacher trying something so new, it is important to receive feedback.

Number 6 is the most interesting to me right now and I would like to start an "Ask a Scientist" blog. If there are any individuals reading this that would like to be a part of the first interview please let me know.

Well, I guess it is back to football, parenting, and teaching. What a wild ride this has been. Anything but neat and tidy.

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Kathryn J said...

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how it is going.

From this post, it sounds as if your first roll out to the students of podcasts of lectures is upcoming. I'll be curious to hear about their reaction.