Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wiki(ed) Headache


After a good start to the school year and with students getting used to using the computers in class I have tried to spend the past few days getting an idea of how to use a wiki for my class.

I am not even sure where this is going but I would like for my classes to write an on-line book for themselves.

I guess the trouble right now is figuring out what to do with a blank slate. I am trying pbwiki and I am not sure if I need to invite all of the students so that they can add to it. I am not sure if I need to create a few pages or if we can get by with just one page for now. Does anyone have any ideas?

I think that this could be a very powerful tool but I feel lost.


Ramit Sethi said...

Hi Brian,

This is Ramit from PBwiki. You can get started by checking out our tour at If you have more questions, ask in our forums (

And lots of our users do multiple pages--but if a single page is easier for you, go for it!

Hatak said...

Thanks for the help Ramit. I think that part of my problem was a dial-up connection. It looks like, as a group, the students are willing to help me figure this out. I am sure that there will be more questions later.

Wiki's do look like very powerful tools for the classroom.