Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Missing Items

As I sit in my house, during what most people think are the best three parts of teaching (June, July and August), I feel as though I have been missing something. I was wondering what it could be...Contact with students?...Contact with other teachers?...Then it hit me.

Blogging, I have not been doing much of anything lately.

I am reminded why it is so important to write things down in this profession. I try to remember what it was that made a day so special and I cannot. I try to think about what worked during a lesson (one that I thought was going to go so well) and what did not work and cannot remember. I try to recall what I was thinking and doing and that is missing also. I have never been good at keeping a journal and now that I have one, I forget about it? What is happening to me?

As think about my classroom for the fall, specifically about blogs, I hope that I can be a little more consistent about them. My falling behind is one thing but if I am asking students to participate and I am not serving as a good example what am I doing? I am excited about the new technology that is coming to my classroom and AHS but will I be able to use it to the fullest potential?

I am going on a study trip to Japan for a couple of weeks and I cannot wait to see this part of the world. I will be allowed to visit schools and talk to students, administrators and teachers. I will be staying with a family for a few nights and experience teh fullest of Japanese culture. As I prepare for a trip to Japan I am reminded to write things down. I will be visiting schools, cultural places, and houses. Is there anything that I could tell pepole about the trip to Japan? (I am not an expert but will try to discuss things when I return.) Feel free to ask.

I will not be taking my notebook computer with me and I feel some form of withdrawl already. It is back to pen and paper for me. I hope that I can keep up on this trip. Pictures will be coming.


Karl Fisch said...

Don't give yourself too hard of a time - I think we all needed a break after the somewhat extra-intense year we had. We really asked all of you to reexamine just about everything about teaching and your philosophy - not only is that daunting, but that can be draining as well. Glad you're back, though!

I'm wondering how you are anticipating using blogging with your students in the fall. Are you going to share this blog with them? I know some of them read it already and all of them can, but are you going to specifically point them to it?

Are you going to try to use class blogs with more of your classes next year - and use them more often? Or is that still something that you feel you are kind of "shoe-horning" in without a real purpose for it?

I can't wait to hear about your trip to Japan. Just because you don't have your computer don't assume that you won't have access to the Internet - I'm betting you will. I'll be looking forward to the blog entries (either from there or when you get back).

James H said...

I think that I need to spend more time with quick reflection on my classes. I think it would be better for me to have more detailed reflection on my classes and actually write them down somewhere. I remember as much as I can, but it is probably selective memory of the really good or really bad. That would help me focus on details.
Good luck on your trip, I cannot wait to hear about Japan.