Thursday, November 17, 2005


After listening to the presentation on grading, I think that I am ready to make a small switch. My questions come from the communication with parents and the other members of a curricular "team." I am wondering how to send information home that tells the parents how to use the new information that is included in the report. Do you change the class information page? What would I do with assignments that need their own category? If the class is a "team" approach what do I tell the other team members who might be a little resistant to change?

If the constructivist approach is a philosophical idea how do you change people's minds when they agree with the behaviorist view?

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Karl Fisch said...

Excellent questions. I think there are a variety of ways to communicate the changes to students and parents - including via your web page and class policies that get sent home.

As far as assignments that need their own category, you can certainly do that. I think you just have to really think it through to make sure they really need their own category. Maybe if you could share on your blog what categories you are thinking about, as well as what assignments you don't think would fit in those categories, we could help.

As far as your curricular team, I think the first step is to sit down and have the conversation with them. It may turn out that you all generally agree - or can at least compromise and agree - on a single system. If not, they may be okay with you trying something different as a "pilot" to see how it goes. But I think the key is to involve them in the discussion up front.